About the Office

Al Khaleej Advocates & Legal Consultants is established in 1992 in the emirate of Dubai with its head office and opened branch in Abudhabi. Since its formation till today, our office is assuming a pioneer role in providing the advice and consultancies to its clients, and provide the legal protection for them through a distinguished team of the highly qualified advocates and legal consultants, locals and expatriates, joining high educational degrees along with good professional experience in all legal fields and majors applied in United Arab Emirates.

The steadily growth and development of our office is coping with the revival and renaissance existing here in United Arab Emirates which is reflected in the legal system and legislation structure of the country which allow the clients to refer their cases for processing by highly qualified specialists in our office.

What make our office capable for rendering the best legal services for the clients is the highly qualified advocates, consultants, and the employees specialized in rendering the best legal services for the clients depending on the long experience in the legal and judicial field other than our large rich library which is full of the legal references, precedents, legislations, laws, federal and local resolutions issued by the country in addition to electronic means to save and recover the information in the computers.

We have a large electronic library containing the latest legal programs including all federal and locals laws, regulations and decrees published in the federal official gazette and in the official gazettes of Abudhabi and Dubai issued in United Arab Emirates as well as all the laws and regulations issued by some Arab Countries, including but not limited to Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain, State of Qatar, Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of Lebanon, in addition to the provisions and judicial precedents issued from the Federal Supreme Court in United Arab Emirates, Dubai Court of cassation, and Kuwait Court of Cassation, Egyptian Court of Cassation and Lebanon Court of Cassation. Furthermore, our library has the latest electronic encyclopaedias and juristic references which contain thousands of the jurisprudential references helping our Office to give the advice and legal consultancies to its esteemed Clients in high quality, capacity and efficiency.


31 Years

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