A court returns 26,000 dirhams to a girl who lent it to a young man

A girl filed a lawsuit against a young man, during which she demanded that he recover 26,260 dirhams. She said that she lent him the amount by virtue of a friendship relationship, and when he asked him to delay the payment, she attached a document to her claim with scanned copies of a bank statement. During the consideration of the case, the court decided to direct the complementary oath to the complainant. Accordingly, a court of first degree ordered him to pay the amount, along with the fees and expenses.

The defendant appealed, requesting the annulment of the ruling and the judiciary again rejecting the case, and as a precaution, assigning an accounting expert to indicate the transfers that he transferred to the complainant, and obligating her to pay fees, expenses, and attorney’s fees, indicating that the complainant had previously filed a criminal case and waived it and acknowledged receiving her dues, which prevents her from returning and Claim any amounts and deny account statements provided.

For its part, the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal for Family and Civil and Administrative Claims stated that it is clear from reviewing the appealed judgment that it was issued within the limits of the final quorum of the Court of Simple Claims, and the defendant did not establish the reasons for his appeal on the aforementioned cases exclusively regarding the appeal of judgments issued within the limits of the final quorum of his court of first instance. That is, if the appealed judgment is in violation of the rules of jurisdiction related to public order, or if the judgment is invalid, or the procedures are invalid. Accordingly, a judgment was passed obligating the defendant to pay the complainant 26 thousand and 260 dirhams and obliging him to pay fees and expenses.

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