Imprisonment of the owner of a video clip that broadcast public opinion propaganda

The Federal Prosecution Office for Combating Rumors and Cybercrimes ordered the precautionary detention of a resident of Asian nationality pending investigations, after several charges were brought against him.

The accusations leveled against him include using the information network to broadcast sensational propaganda that would stir up public opinion and harm the public interest, and the charge of publishing content that does not comply with media content standards and offends Emirati society, based on what was monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the Office of the State Attorney General on the platforms. Social communication from a video clip of the accused, in which he appears dressed in the Emirati dress inside a luxury car showroom, followed by two people carrying a plate on which appears to be huge sums of money, and he conducts a dialogue with the owner of the showroom in which he asks to buy a car at a price higher than the amount of two million dirhams in an arrogant manner, and distributes financial packages to The exhibition workers in a way that reveals foolishness and lack of appreciation of the value of money, in a way that would promote a false and offensive mental image of the citizens of the state, ridicule them, and then incite and provoke public opinion; which is detrimental to the public interest.

The Public Prosecution also ordered to summon the owner of the car showroom in which the aforementioned video clip was filmed.


The Public Prosecution called on the users of social media platforms in the country to observe the legal and ethical controls in the media content they broadcast, and to take into account the societal features and the inherent constants in the Emirati society, which necessitated moral commitment in all aspects of behavior, so that they do not fall under the law.

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