He seized 92 thousand dirhams by forging receipts for the traffic tariff gates

A company filed a lawsuit demanding that an employee who used to work for them pay 92 thousand dirhams.

The details of the case, which the Abu Dhabi Family Court and the civil and administrative cases considered, are due to the fact that the defendant committed forgery in official documents, which are receipts for crossing fees for the toll gates for trucks, and as a result he was referred by the Public Prosecution and a criminal judgment was issued, convicting him of one year imprisonment and ordered his deportation and confiscation of documents. Forged, and he did not accept the verdict, so he appealed against it, as the verdict was amended and a six-month imprisonment was satisfied with the connection.

In the rationale for its ruling, the court said that the error by which the defendant was convicted is the same error on which the complainant relied in filing the present lawsuit, and that the complainant's request to return the sums is, in fact, compensation for what was embezzled from them, and that the defendant's error caused material damage to the complainant.

Accordingly, the court ruled obliging the defendant to pay the complainant 92 thousand dirhams, along with fees and expenses.

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