He borrows 285 thousand dirhams from his friend and refuses to repay

A young man filed a lawsuit before the Abu Dhabi Court for Family, Civil and Administrative Claims, against a friend of his, demanding that he be obligated to pay 285 thousand dirhams.

The details of the incident are due to the defendant borrowing the amount of the claim at intervals and not returning it to him. The complainant supported his claim with a folder of documents folded into copies of account statements, while the defendant submitted a response memorandum in which he demanded that the lawsuit be dismissed.

The court explained in the merits of its ruling that, according to the provisions of the Civil Transactions Law, no one is permitted to take another person’s money without a legitimate reason. If he takes it, he must return it. The assigned expert’s report concluded that the total amounts transferred from the plaintiff’s account to the defendant’s account are 444 thousand and 692. Dirhams, and that the amounts transferred from the defendant’s account to the plaintiff’s account are 159 thousand and 261 dirhams, and that the net amounts that were not returned to the plaintiff are 285 thousand and 431 dirhams.

The court pointed out that the defendant did not deny that these amounts were transferred to him from the complainant, and maintained in the face of experience that only part of them was a loan and the remainder was not a loan, but rather related to a commercial partnership between them. The papers were devoid of any evidence of the validity of his defense, and he is the one responsible for proving that after proving the transfer. Amounts to his account.

Accordingly, the court ruled to oblige the defendant to return to the complainant the amount of 285 thousand and 431 dirhams, and obligated the defendant to pay the fees, expenses, and fees.

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