He steals a credit card and pays for his electronic purchases

A man filed a lawsuit against another before the Al Ain Court of First Instance, demanding that he be obligated to pay him 23,800 dirhams, obliging him to pay compensation amounting to 10,000 dirhams, and obliging him to pay fees and expenses.


The details of the case, which was examined by the Al Ain Court of First Instance, are due to the defendant stealing and using the credit card owned by the complainant, with the intention of obtaining money for himself and benefiting from its services, and he made purchases from an electronic shopping site, without the knowledge of the complainant.

As soon as the complainant learned of the matter, he contacted the relevant authorities, who in turn identified the defendant and referred him to the competent criminal court, which in turn issued a ruling convicting the defendant for that incident, so that the complainant went to the competent civil court to claim compensation.

The court explained in the merits of its ruling that what is established from reviewing the criminal ruling is that the defendant was convicted of the charge of embezzling the amount of 23 thousand and 800 dirhams owned by the complainant, using the complainant’s credit card, after he made electronic purchases with the credit card and nothing was received that refutes or contradicts this evidence, which is what... The complainant must respond to his request.

Regarding the request for compensation in the amount of 10 thousand dirhams, the court indicated that the defendant’s fault is proven, and the complainant has suffered harm represented by the seizure of his money, which makes him entitled to compensation to make up for all the damages he suffered.

Accordingly, the court ruled to oblige the defendant to pay the complainant an amount of 23,800 dirhams, while obligating him to compensate the complainant in the amount of 5,000 dirhams, bringing the total amounts awarded to 28,800 dirhams, and obligated him to pay fees and expenses.

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