Obliging a young man to pay 50 thousand dirhams in compensation for a quarrel

A young man filed a lawsuit against another in which he demanded that he be obligated to compensate him for material, moral, moral, and psychological damages and the lost earnings that would have been earned had it not been for his injury, and that he also be obliged to pay expenses.


The details of the case, which was heard by the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance, are that the complainant was subjected to a beating by the defendant, which resulted in the complainant sustaining fractures in the nasal bones, a deviation in the external shape of the nose, deformation, difficulty breathing, bruises and swelling of the face and lower eyelid of the left eye, and blood spilling around both eyes with blurring. In vision and underwent surgery.

The defendant was referred to the criminal court, where the report of the forensic doctor appointed by the court showed that the rate of inability to function in the nose was estimated at 15%, and that the injured person did not need future surgery, and that these injuries and the resulting disability did not affect his future activity and ability to function. work, and the court, in turn, issues a ruling convicting the defendant.

The court of first instance ruled to oblige the defendant to pay the complainant an amount of 50 thousand dirhams, along with expenses, and an amount of 200 dirhams for attorney’s fees, and the defendant appealed the ruling.

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal for Family, Civil and Administrative Suits explained in the merits of its ruling that the forensic report commissioned by the court of first instance and which this court was satisfied with had depicted the incident, as the prosecution portrayed it, as hitting the appellant’s nose three times, causing fractures of the nasal bones and a deviation of the nasal septum to the side. The left eye was deformed, and it was treated surgically. The injuries also included bruising and swelling on the face and lower eyelid of the left eye, and blood spilled around both eyes, and they were treated conservatively.
Accordingly, the court ruled to accept the appeal in form, and to reject it in substance, uphold the appealed ruling, and obligated the appellant to pay the expenses.

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